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We are proud to introduce our collection of zero-emission powerboats. Today, EPHYRA allows you to switch to hydrogen without compromising on comfort, availability, and performance – similar to that of a combustion engine.


Our powerboats are designed to provide you with a smooth and harmonious navigation experience while respecting the environment. At EPHYRA, we believe in simplicity and purity, and we are here to offer you concrete solutions without judgment or authoritarianism. With EPHYRA, sail with peace of mind.



Based on the world's first pleasure yacht with electro-hydrogen propulsion, The New Era, developed by our shipyard HYNOVA, we have created a new range of boats that combine efficiency, autonomy, and design.


The hull has been specially designed for optimal performance and energy consumption. We have also chosen biosourced materials, such as cork for the deck covering and fibers for the fittings. Durability, robustness, low carbon footprint, and character are the hallmarks of EPHYRA boats.



The technology developed around the electro-hydrogen hybrid propulsion has been further optimized. Green hydrogen produced on-site in an EPHYRA station is stored under pressure in the boat's carbon fiber tanks, then transformed into electricity by a fuel cell. The electricity thus obtained is used directly to power the electric motor and simultaneously stored in batteries.


This mixed solution complies with both the safety regulations for ships requiring a backup solution in case of energy loss and has technical benefits: the boat operates thanks to the fuel cell alone (at cruising speed) or thanks to both the fuel cell and batteries simultaneously (for maximum speed peaks). And when the batteries are discharged, the fuel cell serves as a supercharger.

Compared to a 100% battery solution, EPHYRA's electro-hydrogen solution offers more power and higher energy density, with similar autonomy to that of an internal combustion engine.

EPHYRA's solution is also lighter, resulting in lower energy needs. In a 100% battery scenario, twelve onboard batteries would be needed for a traditional powerboat to achieve equivalent autonomy.

EPHYRA's electro-hydrogen technology also allows for faster charging time: filling a tank takes about fifteen minutes, compared to several hours for an all-battery equivalent.



In addition to this electro-hydrogen hybrid propulsion system, EPHYRA has equipped its boats with hydrojets, preferred over a traditional propeller. The result of these innovations is an unparalleled navigation experience that is efficient, clean, quiet, and responsible.


Depending on the model and navigation, EPHYRA boats have an autonomy of 75 to 120 miles (5 to 10 hours), a cruising speed of 12 to 18 knots, and a maximum speed of 22 to 25 knots. And all this without any noise, odor, vibration, or emission of CO2 or harmful particles. The only emissions are heat and pure water that feeds a new virtuous circle: the recovered water is reused for onboard needs and for the electrolysis necessary for hydrogen production.


Tailored to your lifestyle: discover the fascinating new collection of EPHYRA's zero-emission green hydrogen boats and choose yours.


Maximum speed, cruising speed, autonomy at cruising speed, propulsion, overall length, width, draft, displacement, CE classification, maximum capacity, self-produced water, and maximum power are all key elements that have been carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable navigation experience.

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