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EPHYRA has solved the economic, technical, and ecological equation of supplying and storing green hydrogen for refueling its powerboats. It is produced on-site, at night, in its own station, solely by renewable energies – in complete autonomy thanks to new-generation photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, or simply via the local green electricity network.



EPHYRA stations are capable of producing as much electricity as they need and reusing the water discharged by the fuel cells that power our powerboats. Our stations are truly energy-neutral. They are also modular and can be optimized for each location, and come in two configurations that can accommodate four or eight boats.


Never worry about fuel supply and maintenance again: thanks to EPHYRA's connected stations and all-inclusive service, your boat is automatically refueled with green hydrogen, maintained, and taken care of as soon as you dock.


Prices and feasibility studies available upon request.



EPHYRA also offers an individual station, to be installed on any pontoon near you. Your private EPHYRA station produces green hydrogen autonomously thanks to new-generation photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. It can also connect to a local green electricity network at your place of residence if necessary.


After each outing, simply dock and connect the boat to its terminal, which will fill the tanks for your next escape. And let EPHYRA take care of all installation, maintenance, and upkeep.


Starting at 950,000 EUR (excluding taxes).



EPHYRA offers stations for professionals who want to adopt an ecological and responsible approach. EPHYRA's professional stations are modular and optimized for each location; they can accommodate four or more boats depending on your professional needs. The service is all-inclusive, and your boats are maintained and automatically refueled with green hydrogen after each outing.


Prices and feasibility studies available upon request.

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